ARC DREAMING Aboriginal dance Theater

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Technical requirements

Lighting Requirements

Pre-rig required. Medium sized lighting desk, 2 side lighting trees if possible, 6 specials

gel colours:

oranges, red's, mauves , blues and aqua.

Sound Requirements

24 channel mixer ( can accommodate 16 channel if necessary)3 vocal mic's, bass drum mic, overhead mic, snare mic, ride cymbal mic, 2 tom mic's, mic for trumpet,mic for saxohphone's ,mic for trombone. mic for didgeridoo, 7 di's, 6 fold back speakers, medium to large size PA, for very small venues small pa system is applicable, 3 vocal stands, didgeridoo stand, overhead stand( drum kit) ,basic set of stands for drum kit set up.

3x chordless fm mics

Audio Visual

Rear projection screen ( black- can provide ourselves), minimum throw distance between 4-5 metres,digital 5000 ansi( can be provided by ourselves) projector. front projection is possible with a fly bar if rear projection is not a possibility.
Staging & Masking Requirements

3 risers, (2times 2m x 2m x 1m high plus 1 time 2m x 1m x 0.5 high).

Minimum stage requirements 8-10 mtrs  or larger is ideal, dance area must be minimum 5 metres deep but more is preferable.

Fly System Required: No

we need to fly the projection screen and projector only if to be projected from the front

Preview - Technical Information (Crew)

Bump-in Lighting Crew

    * 2 crew X 4 hours
    * Notes:

Bump-out Lighting Crew

    * N/A crew X N/A hours
    * Notes: inhouse crew

Performance Lighting Crew

    * 1 crew X 2 hours
    * Notes: Local crew to assist touring operator

Bump-in Sound Crew

    * 2 crew X 4 hours
    * Notes:

Bump-out Sound Crew

    * 2 crew X 2 hours
    * Notes:

Performance Sound Crew

    * 2 crew X 2 hours
    * Notes: local crew to assist touring operator

Dressing rooms

1-2 male

1 female

backdrops to cover areas of concern as ochre and paint will be used for traditional paint up of dancers.

shower facility


Bottled water,orange juice, apple juice,fresh fruit, nuts, club sandwiches,

Marketing and promotion

Key Marketing Segments

    * broad spectrum audience interested in Aboriginal Culture , Aboriginal dance, Aboriginal music,Aboriginal Story telling, jazz lovers, pop and hip hop audience, classical and eclectic music lovers, Indigenous audience and people interested in australian themed music with backdrops of australian imagery, collage, animation and nature photography, visual arts students, music conservatorium students, people interested in world music and new composers, older generation attendance in previous overseas tour's has been high as well.

Media Response to Production

    * IRISH TIMES Visions of a Nomad was the most popular and exotic performance at the Diversions festival, the audience not only forced an encore but wanted the group to stay all night.

Both party’s have a Very broad online  presence, Visions of a Nomad is ranking no 1 in various Google listings and also Has a great presence on you tube.

All modern ways of online promotion and marketing are being used, e-promo kit, electronic
Press kits, various web sites and distribution through the orchard’s affiliation with Itunes

Art work for posters can be supplied, broad cast quality visual promo, brochures and flyers.